The Importance of Concrete Inspections

Large structures made of concrete will not remain in excellent condition forever. It is a durable material that can be reinforced during the construction process, but it is also porous. The properties of concrete make it susceptible to deterioration over time. Flooding, high winds, exposure to corrosive agents and harsh chemicals, ground shifts, thermal changes, and sea spray along the coast will crack, wear down, or erode concrete.

Professional Inspections

Most minor damage goes unnoticed at first and then becomes more apparent as the situation progresses. It is difficult to detect small imperfections in massive buildings, parking garages, and bridges. Property managers may not even know how to recognize a minor problem. A professional inspector can go through the entire structure and assess any problems, damage, or exposed tendons in the concrete.

Discovering small issues early will save time and money. Repairs can be made before the structural integrity or safety is compromised. Cracks can be filled with epoxy injections, coatings can be added to reseal the surface and make it waterproof again. Joint replacements can be completed to reinforce levels or beams.


Sometimes, concrete restoration is required in order for a structure to remain functional. There are several ways to restore concrete. One is to add metal tendons to the concrete. Single wires, threaded bars, and multiple strands of wire are placed against the concrete to stabilize it. The tendons are then covered with more concrete to hold them in place.

Barrier cable is another form of reinforcement to enhance the performance of concrete. Ground anchors and shear stud reinforcement are other options. Historical preservation of concrete is a restoration specialty that requires unique solutions. Owners can work with professionals to devise a plan of action.

Engineers are used to help with restoration efforts to be sure the choice of reinforcement is appropriate for the circumstances. Field technicians are provided for installation assistance of reinforcements and bracing at the location. An experienced company will also provide certification that the structural integrity has been restored after the project is completed. Do not compromise safety or increase business liability risks when concrete inspections are affordable and can be completed with minimal disruption to business operations