Worker’s Compensation: Understanding Basic Employee Rights

Anyone injured while at work legal rights to help protect them as they recover from their injuries. Worker’s compensation is provided to all employees of companies legally required to carry the coverage. It is a financial safety net for people that were injured while completing their work as expected. Employers cannot refuse coverage to their employees and they cannot fire a worker that relies on the compensation to help them recover and pay their bills while they are unable to work. Here is what employees should expect if they are forced to be on the program.

Coverage of Expenses

Medical bills related to the injury and care required for recovery from the event should be paid by workers compensation. This includes emergency care, rehabilitation therapy and medical devices. Worker’s compensation should also pay the employee a percentage of their salary while they are unable to work. People that contract a disease due to conditions in their workplace are also eligible for this type of coverage.

Training if Needed

The employer is required to train the injured employee for an alternate job they are physically able to complete if the injury will prevent the employee from returning to their previous position. The compensation should pay for any training to get the individual ready for this new position. Once the employee returns to work they will not continue to receive compensation payments, but their medical bills related to the injury are still covered.

Long-Term Care

A settlement or award may be offered if the injury leads to a permanent disability. Some events cause damage too severe to make it possible for people to return to their employment. In these instances, many employers will offer the employee a settlement amount. This is usually a lump sum amount or a structured settlement based on what the lifetime medical costs are expected to be for the employee.

Settlement offers are not always beneficial to the injured party and not all employee’s compensation claims are approved. To protect themselves following an at-work incident it is important for people to be prepared and to understand their rights. Visit for more information about this program.